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Agile Healthcare with CPR

Frankfurt 18th Sep 2017 Up to 400 Participants

How to make your Health and Safety Department healthcare- and people-driven with the support of CPR.

CPR Professionals Event

Mumbai 24th Jan 2018 Up to 750 Participants

Gathering of International CPR Institute's Certified CPR Professionals.

Incremental First Aid Principles

Vienna 16th May 2018 Up to 500 Participants

Incremental First Aid Principles in Healthcare and how to implement them in time-critical and complex Circumstances.

Distributed Nursing Assistance Management

Boston 22nd Sep 2018 Up to 500 Participants

Best Practices and Case Studies about how to apply Nursing Assistance in distributed and multi-site Healthcare Organizations.

Continuous ACLS and BLS

London 11th Dec 2018 Up to 300 Participants

Continuous ACLS in combination with BLS Basic Life Support Methodology.

Healthcare Executive Event

Moscow 25th Mar 2019 Up to 100 Participants

Case Studies and Leading Practice Examples of CPR, AED, First Aid, CNA, ACLS & BLS to C-Level Execs.